What We Do

Create, preserve, and protect your wealth

Pursue your financial goals. Grow your earnings. Protect yourself and loved ones. We offer comprehensive financial planning, investment management, and insurance for protection.




Fee-based Financial Planning

We look at all areas of financial planning including retirement, estate, tax, education, investment, and insurance planning. This holistic approach explores the full picture and helps prepare you for both the known and unknown.

Financial planning is an ongoing activity. We build deep relationships and are at your side for the long-run to guide you through life transitions.

As investment advisor representatives, we act under the fiduciary standard for financial planning. Fiduciary means that we are legally required to act in the best interest of the client.


The number of investment options and considerations can be overwhelming. Understanding your goals and willingness to accept volatility, we design an asset allocation strategy that suits your needs. We take the time to educate you on options and understand various scenarios. We empower you to make decisions and choose options as you see fit.


Insurance provides protection for you and your loved ones in the event of tragedy or misfortune. We help you select life and disability insurance to protect your life and the lives closest to you.


The Confidere Financial Advantage




Combined, Ann & Emily have more than 55 years of industry experience with a strong focus on financial planning.


Objective Recommendations & Transparency

Unlike some advisors, we are not required to sell proprietary products. We are transparent about how we are compensated. There are no hidden fees.



In-person meetings, phone calls, video chat, email: whichever communication method you prefer, we are easy to reach and provide prompt response.